ECN part of TNO

ECN, the Energy research Centre of the Netherlands, is a government supported institute working on technologies for carbon capture and usage. These activities are performed within the setting of the Sustainable Process Technology group within the unit Biomass and Energy Efficiency where some fifty highly qualified professionals work on sustainable process technologies in national and international projects with government, industry and university partners. ECN is a leading party in a number of projects, receiving funds from the EU, aimed at carbon capture and usage.

Additionally, the ECN programme Energy & Materials provides a background in the development of additive manufacturing based on Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology that produces high-resolution, high-grade ceramic products with a well-defined microstructures. The innovation is a spin-off from decades of ceramics know-how developed at ECN’s ceramics atelier, catalysis and sorbents research centre, and recent 3D ceramics printing development work. ECN has decided to transfer this technology to 3D-cat B.V. (3D-cat) through an exclusive licence agreement to enable efficient commercialisation.