The CCP (CO2 Capture Project) was formed with other major energy companies in 2000. Since its formation, CCP participants have undertaken more than 150 projects to increase understanding of the science, engineering, application and economics of CCUS. These projects have been conducted with research institutions, universities, industry and government organizations – including the US Department of Energy and the European Commission.

The current fourth phase of the project (CCP4) aims to increase the understanding of existing, emerging, and breakthrough CO2 capture technologies applied to oil and gas scenarios and demonstrate that geological storage is safe, measurable, and verifiable.

The members of CCP’s fourth phase are: BP, Chevron and Petrobras. Suncor (exited CCP in December 2016) is a participant with CCP4 in the 3D-CAPS project.

CCP’s fourth phase of work runs from 2015-2020.